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We are a trusted advisor in providing translation and localization services in all their fields, in which at “Al-Resala Legal Translation Services Company” Precision matters. We have been empowering communications for many leading companies all over the world thanks to our team of linguists who has expertise in many languages to offer full translation and localization services, where our specializations consisted of many customized hybrid models and technology solutions in order to fit any budget.

Behind every successful translation and localization company, philosophies, aspirations and passions that are in a perfect symmetry with what our clients’ desire to express the true meaning of their messages tackled in the source document leaving unreservedly no space for elusivenessby tailoring our services from our startupsto our global clients in the fastest conceivable way and with affordable prices.

Everything we do at “Al-Resala Legal Translation Services Company” is captivatedby surpassing your expectations!


Legal Accredited Translation.                                               Interpretation.

General Translation.                                                                Conference Equipment.

Medical Translation.                                                              Desktop Publishing.

Economy and Finance Translation.                                   Subtitling.

Media Content Translation.                                                Software Localization.

Conference Equipment.                                                       Website Translation.

German Translation                                                             Chinese translation