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Delivery & Rates

For delivery and rate related matters of your translation, our sales officers will be more than happy to receive your queries, and assist you, via:

(+971) 56-939-8060 or resala.translation@gmail.com, for Dubai, and

(+971) 52-788 3277 or resala2.translation@gmail.com, for Abu Dhabi.

Quality Policy

Our company is dedicated to quality assurance through its team of professional translators, proofreaders and project managers who work hard with attention to every small detail on the source content submitted for translation from start to the final stage of conversion into the target language to ensure the best quality possible in order to best serve the interests of our customers.

Customers will always seek a translation as accurateand true as possible to be able to achieve the purpose for which the translation is sought.Hence, We believe quality is the basis of success, andwe are, therefore, committed to it, as our success matters.

Working Hours

Should you plan to visit us for collection of your translation and payment, our official working hours are from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm on Saturdays. Our office is closed on Fridays.

However, should you wish to send documents for translation or make an inquiry, please do not hestitate to communicate with us at any time on any day of the week on the mobile phone numbers provided on the website contact page or through our email.


Our team are under binding confidentiality and non-disclusre obligations both under the UAE laws and employment contracts, which ensures that the content of your document is treated with the utmost level of confidentiality and discretion.

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