accredited legal translation

It is known that legal translation requires a lot of precision and specialized skills so we pay attention to the original content and translate it very accurately and professionally through our professional translators in order to provide you with accredited legal translation.



    The importance of legal translation and why you need it:


When it comes to legal or judicial problems, a professional legal translation must be available to you so that you can handle it correctly. without our professional translation team and services, it’s a big risk that can put you in a lot of problems.

That’s why you need a great translation company like ours and so when looking for a reliable translation company you can count on us as our translation services are accredited by the government and the ministries.

We have a team of professional legal translators who can translate any type of legal documents or legal notices at any time you need, therefore, whatever legal file type you wish to translate, you can rely on our services.

  • Professional and accredited legal translation services in many different languages:

Al-Resala  provide you with accredited legal translation services in many languages like English – Arabic – Chinese and so many different languages because the multitude of options available will make it easier for you to get what you want and you will not need more than a professional translation company to get legal translation in different languages.

English legal translation services in Dubai:

The company provides you with legal translation services in English because English is the most widely used language around the world and many government organizations deal in English so we have provided you with this type of translation service.

Arabic legal translation services in Dubai:

Arabic is the language used in Dubai and the UAE so if you want to translate papers or legal documents in the UAE you will need a translation company that has translation services from and to Arabic so that you can deal with those documents legally and they can be accepted by governmental agencies.

Chinese legal translation services in Dubai:

Legal translation is a difficult type of translation and must, therefore, be provided by professionals and Chinese is also a difficult language, but with professional translators, we can provide you with the precise translation.

  • Specialization in accredited legal translation services:


There are many different legal disciplines that need to be handled professionally, therefore; we have an excellent team of translators and specialists in various legal translation fields In order to cover all the required services you may need.

Translation is done after evaluation of documents and legal papers by our team of translators so that the translation could be in the right context because literal translation may lose meaning especially in an important type such as legal translation; but we offer you accredited legal translation services.