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If you are seeking a legal translation dubai,abu dhabi approved by all UAE courts and government departments and offices, you have come to the right place Legal Translation services in Dubai Welcome to AL-Resala Company for translation services in Dubai.

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Our front office staff will analyse your text and refer it to the right german translation dubai.

german translation dubai Our skilled high-calibre team of translators will accurately turn your text into almost any language spoken by your business partner, lawyer, court judge, embassy / consular officer or whoever your required translation may concern.

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Legal Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Whether you are a lawyer seeking a legal translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi of your court briefs, documents, statements of claim

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Certified Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our company (Al-Resala Legal Translation Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi) is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice

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Technical Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Technical Translation in Dubai & Abu DhabiWe will always guarantee that your document falls in the hands of the right translator in dubai ,abu dhabi.

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Financial Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our company has been the translation services dubai,abu dhabi provider for many reputable banks and corporations

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Medical Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Medical translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi requires medical background and expertise to guarantee its accuracy

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Other forms and certificates

We also provide translation services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of all types of government and diplomatic missions issued documents

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