English Arabic Translation Dubai

      A Perfection that you can trust through our company “Al-Resla Legal Translation Services Company”, you will get peace of mind with our translation as we provide you with fast and professional English to Arabic translation, interpretation, and proofreading services, as well as lots of languages like:

German to Arabic, Chinese to Arabic and vice versa. We are experts in Translation, interpretation, and proofreading; proudly and assertively state that when it comes to translation, the right solution for your needs can be offered by our language professionals.

english arabic translation dubai

Al-Resla Legal Translation Services Company is a high quality, full range of innovative and competitive translation and language key provider. Everything we do at Al- Resala is engrossed on surpassing your expectations! Simply because our goal is to deliver a perfect work that you trust,

so that you can rest assuring that your requirements are being looked after in a trustful hand. Our translators are qualified and reliable and have varied expertise.

We promise you a high quality translation, interpretation, and proofreading services in the fastest conceivable way and affordable prices.

We have tailored our services to meet your emergent business loads aiming to express the true meaning of your message.

Translation is a multifaceted process involving a diversity of fundamental steps and specific competencies.

With our extensive experience and consistent dedication to our customers, our expert translators’ experience spreads out beyond the latitude of general legal terminology by providing legal affairs services as it is needed for legal translation to exactly convey the message tackled in the source document leaving unconditionally no space for vagueness.

english arabic translation dubai

english arabic translation dubai


our services

Our specialized translators are experts enough and syndicate a solid background in law with outstanding translation expertise, we provide English to Arabic translation, interpretation and proofreading services at:

contracts, memos, court judgement, arbitration, articles of association, federal and local laws and decrees, memorandums of understanding, summons and pleadings, company registration, commercial agreements, and court transcripts.

Our intentions is to afford an cohesive professional legal services and offers supreme legal representation ensuring that all translations are totally accurate and safe securing the awareness of our clients in a timely method, while ensuring the quality and truthfulness of our work.

Over the years, our translation and proofreading team has served businesses, individuals and governments in Dubai and other countries as follow:

  • Research and translation of documents essential for taking a legal action.
  • Referral to skilled lawyers specializing in all sorts of law suits and judicial conflicts in the U.A.E and other countries.
  • Follow up with law practices.

     We keep in your hands the talent and experience of many years of work in the field of English Arabic translation and other languages as well, as we know the significantpart that culture plays in the appropriate understanding and communication of the language, whereas translation is an manifestation of intercultural and assortment of mankind, and our work is to tactic between these cultures.

We are located in Dubai. Our services are available for 24 hours a day 7 days of the week.