English translation in dubai & abu dhabi


English translation in dubai & abu dhabi Since UAE is home to one of the world’s biggest business hubs, it attracts many foreigners who seek expansion of their businesses and those who wish to start their fresh ones. Though businesses landed in the whole of the UAE, the majority of them were concentrated in the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. As our company is in the translation provision business, we had to ensure that its English translation services are accessible in Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai where such services are most required. Hence, our company has been providing legal English translation in Dubai; legal English translation in Sharjah, legal English translation in Ajman and lately we have set up our new office in Abu Dhabi and now provide legal English translation in Abu Dhabi as well. Thus, our legal English translation service covers all emirates of the UAE.

For a country like the UAE whose economy depends in great part, after oil and gas exports, on business investment, construction and tourism, in all three areas of which a lot of expat businessmen and investors, mostly English speaking, participate.

English translation in dubai
English translation in dubai


English to Arabic Translation in Dubai

English translation in Dubai & abu dhabi  Since investment and business are important players in the country’s economy, the demand and need of foreign entrepreneurs, company owners, law firms, courts of law and even the government’s various departments the majority of whose customers are expats for legal and certified English translation have become a vital factor in the success of such investment. As the government wants to ensure that all foreign investors comply with its laws and regulations, it, or the foreign investors, shall have such laws and regulations converted into English.


Additionally, construction companies require their plans, drawings, designs, contracts and subcontracts, insurance policies and even company policies and regulations translated into English when their staff, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, suppliers and even sometimes employers are English speaking. So, good certified translation services are not expendable to guarantee smooth operation of projects and businesses. On the other hand, local authorities’ approvals and permits shall be issued in Arabic to such companies that will require a certified English translation of the same.


Even law firms with English-speaking clients will need to explain to them their case’s statuses in English. Given the fact that a few lawyers speak the English language, translation services are highly required by such firms. An English-speaking client who wishes to provide his lawyer with supporting details that help make a good case at court will need a translator to make this happen with the maximum level of accuracy there is to avoid misunderstanding and subsequent losses. Judgments entered and writs issued by courts of law shall be in the Arabic language and having them translated into English will be inevitable if one of the parties to the case is English speaking.

Certified English translation services Dubai

English translation in dubai In the business and financial field, globalisation has made it possible for local businesses to become a part of the international market. However, such businesses need to attract foreign audience on the international level to bring in more revenue and promote themselves. Here is where translation comes into play for so many reasons. First, it makes your business more popular as translation creates language-friendly content that clients from different parts of the world can understand easily.


This will increase your presence in the industry and, consequently, sales for your business. Second, it improves communication with your clients and customers. If you deliver the message to your clients accurately without any errors in translation,         it will impress them, pave the way for future transactions and improve your business relationships.


Third, it enables smooth running of your international business operations and makes your negotiation with partners, shareholders and customers a lot easier, hence it is crucial to the success of your business to hire a professional translator. A translator helps you communicate with your customers. If customers understand the message of your business, they will feel more comfortable buying your products.

Fourth, it upholds the reputation of your business. As it is well known, an improper translation can cause serious damage to the image of your business. You may end up losing clients, spend a lot of time and money trying to mend the issues caused by a bad translation and may even get involved in legal battles. Only with good translation, your business can prosper.

English translation in dubai  & abu dhabi Translation in this respect means more than just translating, it often implies localization of content, such as websites, software applications, games, multimedia. Localization of content differs from translation of text in the fact that the former integrates the culture of the target language for the sake of appealing to the speaker of the target language in the same, or almost the same, way as the product appeals to those who speak the source language- in translation the term source language means the language translated from and the target language is the language translated into.

In conclusion, legal and certified English translation in dubai and localization services are very crucial to our modern life where globalisation has broken all international barriers in the world and made it a bigger cosmopolitan country of smaller states whose interests are connected through a web and require a medium of communication that all its inhabitants can understand. Where this is not possible, legal and certified translation will be of great use as the only medium of such inter-state communication. We, Al-Resala Legal Translation Services Company hereby undertake the job of providing the medium of communication between the world countries from where we are, the United Arab Emirates.