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The Most Professional Certified Translation Service Provider In USA

The Translation Gate is authorized to provide highly certified translation services that meet all governmental requirements and international organizations’ needs.

The Translation Gate offers the best-certified translation services at reasonable prices for all of our clients worldwide through our online translation services. We provide multilingual translation services for more than 160 languages, including French, Spanish, English, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, German, Latvian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and much more.

Our Certified Document Translation Quality Standards

Our certified translators provide the best translation services with high-quality in compliance with:


While we are not the only company that delivers American to Hebrew translation services or any other language, we are especially distinguished in the market due to our commitment to great value, stringent quality, and fast turnarounds.

We have several teams working in diverse time zones to cater to the needs of our clients and master every single market niche. Our Hebrew language translation services include but are not limited to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a Translation Partner That Helps You Reach The Global Market.

Translation cost is based on a per word rate, which in turn varies depending on the source and target language used. The cost also depends on what other services are required, such as formatting, number of pages, and more.

A certified translation is one that is accompanied by a signed declaration by a language service provider (LSP) as a confirmation on the accuracy of the translation. The qualifications of the translator are also included. Legal translations, including those of birth certificates, death certificates, commercial contracts, and other legal documents, frequently in need for a certified translation.

A certified translation document is a signed piece of paper that comes with the translation of the actual document. The certification can be attached electronically or in hard copy form.

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24/7 Customer Service

We offer a dedicated Project Manager Support and assistance via email, phone and chat, working around the clock to provide the best, fastest service.


With 16,000+ certified translators working across all major time zones, we can comfortably keep pace with your content needs, no matter the volume.

On-Time Delivery

We provide the finest performance levels in the industry, and our workflow is optimized to guarantee over 98% of on-time deliveries.

Guaranteed Quality

Even though your translations are made quickly, accuracy is guaranteed through our rigorous control process.