Localization services in Dubai @ Abu Dhabi


Localization services in Dubai @ Abu Dhabi The term Localization means the process of adapting a product or a service to the cultural linguistic and technical requirements of a country or region where its sale is intended. it involves several stages from start to completion- it goes through translation, editing, proofreading, production, quality assurance and finally, delivery, either by printing or uploading its content.

Localization services in Dubai @ Abu Dhabi first made its debut in the 1980s when computer companies, like Dell and Microsoft were developing software that they wanted to sell internationally. therefore, it was required for such software to adapt to specific audience or locale where it was intended to be sold to be used, hence the name. However, there are differences between translation and Localization

Localization services in dubai
Localization services in dubai

Although translation and localisation are strategies to make content accessible in a language other than the one it was created in, the term localisation encompasses a greater meaning than translation because it includes, besides transforming the meaning of text, changing the language of encoding for software, changing typesetting, layout, photos, colours, linguistic, cultural and even compliance requirements- any change made to meet local expectations of a product or service is covered under the umbrella of localisation.


Most prominent examples of localization are in software such as games and websites such as amazon. In a game that is created by an English-speaking developer may need to be adapted in terms of language, scene settings, car models, logos, colours used and anything that makes the game appeal to audience in, say, Germany. Amazon US can sell products through international shipping on, say, the UAE market, yet, it can sell more if it has its UAE customized website in terms of language, UAE people speak Arabic, popular products, banned products, slogans, local suppliers, maps delivery agents, etc.

Localization services Dubai @ Abu Dhabi

In conclusion, though localisation means that you customize your product or service to be accepted locally, it is a result of globalisation that made the sale of products and services across the globe possible and since it involves a lot multilingual communities, translation is still at the heart of it.