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Legal Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Whether you are a lawyer seeking a legal translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi of your court briefs, documents, statements of claim Al Resala has several translation services in Dubai @ abu dhabi providers that offer quality translation services.


Certified Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our company (Al-Resala Certified Translation translation companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi) is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice providers in Dubai that offer high-quality translation services for legal, medical, financial, and technical documents, driving license translation abu dhabi

Technical Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Technical Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi We will always guarantee that your document falls in the hands of the right translator in dubai ,abu dhabi. translation agency in dubai & Abu Dhabi offers various technical translation services to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Financial Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our company has been the translation services dubai,abu dhabi provider for many reputable banks and corporations . We Have Been Offering FinancialTranslation Services For the Last 20 Years Best translation company in uae

Medical Translation Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Medical translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi requires medical background and expertise to guarantee its accuracy Al Resala offers medical translation services. Some of the top providers in UAE For translation services.


Other forms and certificates

We also provide legal translation services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of all types of government and diplomatic missions issued documents including marriage certificate translation Dubai @ Abu dhabi, driving license translation abu dhabi.


Marriage certificate translation Abu Dhabi & dubai

People translate their Marriage certificate translation Abu Dhabi & dubai for many requirements. This kind of translation is done by professionals like our office AlResala providers in Abu Dhabi that offer certified translation services for marriage certificates.

driving licence translation Abu dhabi & Dubai

driving licence translation abu dhabi & dubai needs a service provider that specialises in legal document translations and has experience with driving licence translations To get a driving license translation Call Us AlResala Legal Translation Services Dubai @ Abu dhabi.

Translation company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Al Resala Translation Offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are offered by providers. Including the translation of legal, medical, technical and marketing material professional translation services for various documents.