Any citizen got his birth certificate as a legal document issued by the government. It has the citizen’s information like his name, religion, gender, nationality, place, and date of birth. Also his parent’s information like his father’s name and his nationality, his mother’s name, and her nationality.  It’s considered a personal document that proves your identity, to which country you belong. It’s a very crucial personal document that you must have to guarantee your rights in this country.


Birth Certificate Translation in the UAE

Al Resala Translation Company helps you by providing the translation of your birth certificate professionally. You can depend mainly on our office, just send it to us, and it will be finished in just 5 minutes. Even if you want to send your birth certificate by email, our team will do it and return it to you. At our office, we translate all kinds of certificates like birth certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, medical reports, and other personal and official documents for businesses and individuals.


Purposes of Birth Certificate Translation

Sometimes people want to translate their birth certificates for some reasons, such as

-Getting a driver’s license


-Residency visa

-Enrolling in schools

-Obtaining a passport.

-We need birth certificate translation also for traveling to a foreign country and immigration whatever the language is, we will solve your problem and translate your birth certificate into any required language.


Birth Certificate attestation in the UAE

Attestation of birth certificate is a step for ensuring that your document is valid and all its information is accurate.  Foreign residents in the UAE need a school admission, residency visa, or any other reason. This process is as follows:


-Collect the needed documents you want to attest for example the original copy of the birth certificate, parents’ passport copies, and 2 photographs to submit.

-You must bring your original birth certificate along with a photocopy, which will be certified to resemble an authentic certificate.

-As a notary public, you should visit either the notary public in Dubai courts or the notary public in Abu Dhabi to authenticate your necessary documents.

-You are required to verify your birth certificate at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for attestation.

-Lastly, should you seek a translated and certified birth certificate, put your trust in Al Resala Legal Translation Services.


The Steps of Birth Certificate Translation

There are some steps to translate a birth certificate:


The document receiving

The translation company receives the document that is required to be translated from the customer and any references for the names. Also, they require the customer’s name and number if they want to make sure of any information.


Checking the document

The person who is in charge, starts to check the receiving document, to check the information provided, and the language pair required.


Assigning the birth certificate to the right certified translator

The professional translation service provider assigns the translation to a specialized certified translator who is an expert in both source and target languages to be able to overcome language and cultural barriers.


The process of translation

The translator starts to translate and convert all the information in the source language to the target language accurately.



Personal proofreading starts by the translator after the translation is finished. Then the translation is assigned to another expert-certified translator to have a second eye on the translation to find out any human error in the text by the original translator. Then the translation is assigned to the proofreader. The role of the proofreader is to ensure that the translation is 100% accurate. He checks the punctuation, the formatting, the margins, the numbers, and dates.



The final step is the handover of the translation to the customer. The customer checks his document to see if there’s any issue that needs amendment. Our professional translation company, Al Resala Translation Company still available to modify anything after the handover.


How Much Does It Cost To Translate A Birth Certificate?

One of the important and essential factors customers take into consideration is the cost of birth certificate translation. The main point to consider is that the language pairs required for each language have different translation prices.  The price of birth certificate translation differs depending on some factors: word count in the required translation, notarization, format, and language pairs.

some translation service providers have a minimum birth certificate translation cost of 120 AED to 360 AED and some other providers charge more. Birth certificate translation is also differentiated by service provider, location, and the degree of document complexity. Contact Al Resala Translation Company now to get your quote and start the translation of your birth certificate.



In conclusion, translating your birth certificate is an essential step to ensure your legal rights and identity in the UAE. Al Resala Translation Company provides efficient and professional translation services for all types of certificates, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more.  There are various reasons why you may need to translate your birth certificate, such as obtaining a driver’s license, or residency visa, enrolling in schools, or applying for a passport. Our experienced team can handle translations into any language, helping you overcome language barriers and facilitate your needs.

Additionally, the attestation of your birth certificate is crucial for foreign residents in the UAE..  Our translation process involves meticulous steps to ensure accuracy, including document checking, assigning certified translators, translation, proofreading, and final handover to the customer.

We aim to provide high-quality translations that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.  Pricing for birth certificate translation varies depending on factors such as word count, notarization, format, and language pairs. When working with Al Resala Translation Company, you can expect competitive prices tailored to your specific needs.  Contact Al Resala Translation Company today to get a quote and initiate the translation process for your birth certificate.