What is the consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting in which the speaker says a few sentences while the interpreter takes notes. Then the interpreter translated what the speaker had said for the audience.


How does consecutive interpreting work?


consecutive interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying and translates the message into another language after the speaker has paused. In consecutive interpreting, the speaker will stop after complete meaning to allow the consecutive interpreter to present the message.


Where is the consecutive interpreter?

The interpreter is usually standing or sitting close to the speaker and uses a notebook and pen to take notes. After the speaker has finished, it is his turn to speak using the microphone.


The Difference Between Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter

The consecutive interpreter translates what the speaker says in every sentence or two, with the speaker pausing to give them time to do so. The simultaneous interpreter, meanwhile, translates the speakers’ words in real-time.


Simultaneous Interpreter is Very Special

This kind of translation, in which interpreters sit in soundproof booths and translate what the speaker says at the moment. It requires specialist audio and technical equipment. The consecutive interpreter, meanwhile, can work alone and doesn’t need specialist equipment. they need only a notepad pencil to write their useful notes.


Tips to Consider on Consecutive Interpreting.

When you use consecutive translations, it’s important to ensure that your interpreter is fully briefed. let me show some factors and essentials.


Time Between Speaking and Interpreter.

The consecutive interpreter should know in advance about the work whether it’s long or short consecutive interpretation. The time between speaking and interpreting will affect how they translate and if they need to use a notepad.


Event format

The form of the meeting or event will also have an effect on how your consecutive interpreter controls your translation. For example, at a business meeting the interpreter can sit and take notes easily. At a small networking reception where you move around the room, interpreters find it very difficult to do so.



It’s important to consider the level of background noise. the interpreter wants to hear your words clearly to translate them correctly into another language.


Specialist Knowledge

You also need a qualified interpreter and a cultural person. For example, if you are holding a meeting about law, interpreters should know legal terminology to translate accurately.


The Consecutive Interpreter

The perfect consecutive interpreter should have many skills, training, and experience.



A consecutive interpreter needs to have many skills to be successful. These are skills that require:

To be fluent in two languages

Listening actively

Strong short-term memory

Cultural awareness

The consecutive interpreters must be able to listen carefully to understand what the speaker wants to say. Also, they are able to analyze what the speaker is saying and make useful notes to help him in translation. Also, to be perfect in reproducing and making the speech as if it was in your own and own language.

It’s essential for interpreters to have a strong short-term memory to have the ability to take quick, useful notes and abbreviations.

The ability to speak in clear way is very important.

Finally, it is important for the interpreter to be widely cultured. this helps him to translate correctly. training and certifications

If you want to be a consecutive interpreter, you should have a range of training and certification as

.specialist interpreter training courses

.Academic interpreting qualification

There are many available training for consecutive interpreters, such as court interpretation training for those translating in the legal field.



While training and certifications are very important and the best way to gain additional skills and evidence, the consecutive interpreter also needs to present more experiences to the clients not only that, but the experience should be related to the interpreting work.

Event in which you can use consecutive interpretation. This will faceplate the communication.


Business Meetings

In this field, everyone expands their work abroad. In this era, consecutive interpreters were very useful in clearing all messages of businessmen. the speaker should give pause to allow the interpreter to interpret accurately.


Press Interviews

When you want to speak in media but don’t understand their language, consecutive interpreters help you to communicate easily.


Human Resources Meeting

When you have a multilingual staff, and have a serious thing to discuss with them, consecutive interpreters can help all to be on the same level and understand each other. Also in evaluations and review meetings.


  Parents Teacher Meetings

This is very good when you can’t understand the language of a child’s teacher. the consecutive interpretation will facilitate the understanding between teacher and parent.

Court Hearings

The consecutive interpretation helps you know what is going on in court hearings.


Business Tours

consecutive interpretation will help you to be active in foreign business meeting.

Medical consultations

When you travel to a foreign country to make a check-up and don’t know what they say, consecutive interpretation will help you to know the treatment.


Insurance Claim Meeting

When you do insurance with a company that doesn’t understand your language, the consecutive interpretation will help you to understand insurance claims.

Consecutive Interpretation has many pros.


The consecutive interpretation has many benefits and pros help you to improve your experiences.

Consecutive Interpretation presents us with the language body and subject matter which enables the interpreters to give a reliable translation.

The consecutive interpreting helps the audience to focus on one person the speaker speaks to Paula the interpreter translates. all that help the audience to understand quickly, also guess what comes next


Wrapping Up

consecutive interpretation will help you to widen your work, and not worry about going abroad. All things are easy thanks to consecutive interpretation.

Whether interpreting in a simultaneous or consecutive way, we are grateful to all interpreters who help us understand and communicate easily.