Definitely, you need a driving license, especially in a country like the UAE. If you decide to stay in the UAE, you must have a driving license if you can drive and have a car. Don’t worry, this becomes very easy today, if you already have a driving license, it will be a straightforward process to convert it to a UAE Driving License. All you need is a professional translation service provider to help you with Driving License Translation. To drive in the UAE or any foreign country, getting a driving license translation is a legal requirement.


UAE Driving License Translation

If you become a resident in the UAE, you have to get a UAE driver’s license to be able to drive a car whether it’s rented or your vehicle. The only crucial step to getting your driver’s license is just translating your original driver’s license into Arabic. You need only a Translation Company, at Al Resala Translation Company we offer you a professional, accurate, and certified translation of your driver’s license.


Countries’ Driving Licenses can be converted into UAE’s.

Citizens of some countries are eligible to convert their driving license into UAE driving license if it is valid without taking a driving test. These countries are:

( United Kingdom — Switzerland — United States — Bahrain — Saudi Arabia — Qatar — Oman — Kuwait — Turkey — South Africa — Australia — Austria — Germany — Denmark — Belgium — Greece — Spain — Ireland — Italy — Canada — France — Finland — Japan — South Korea — Netherlands — New Zealand — Portugal — Norway — Poland — Sweden — Romania )


Al Resala Translation Company provides an expert driving license translation into German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, and many other languages.


Documents required for converting Driving License in the UAE

You need some documents after translation to be able to submit like:

-The original passport and its copy

-Residence visa

-Valid driving license in the origin country

-Eye examination certificate

– two photographs

-No objection letter (if needed by the relevant traffic department)

-A fully filled-out license replacement form.


Benefits of getting a Driving License in the UAE

-Ease of getting a driving license in UAE without a test driver that saves money and time.

-With this driver’s license, you can effortlessly travel through foreign countries, bypassing the constraints of public transportation or taxi services.

-An internationally accepted UAE driver’s license can significantly boost your prospects of landing a job abroad.

-It will be easy to rent a car in any foreign country when you have a valid driver’s license.


We offer driver’s license translation services in many languages globally.

As a legal translation service provider, Al Resal Translation Company provides professional standards in the translation processes that meet the client’s requirements. Our dedication offers high-quality driving license translations for official uses.

We have an expert team of professional translators, well-prepared and ready for expert translation, enabling us to provide your driving license in many languages worldwide.

Additionally, each translator in our team has experience of more than 3 years in the translation industry. Trust our services of expert driving license translation as we tell you each step of the translation process.


Hints for verifying the accuracy of your Dubai Driver’s license Translation

-You must deal with a professional translation service provider with experience in driving license translation and deep knowledge of this kind of translation and its requirements in each language.

-You must give the translator a clear copy of your documents to be sure that all what’s translated is precise and clear.

-You must check your documents after translation is finished to ensure the quality and precious of the translated information like the date, places, names, etc.


Consequences of driving without a translated license

Regarding the regulations of any specific country, you will get many consequences if drive without a license:

-You can’t drive in any country without a driver’s license; as it’s illegal and will cause legal consequences depending on the laws of this country.

-If you don’t have a translated license, and get into an accident, you will be forced to cancel your insurance

-You will lose language communication if you give them the original copy of your driver’s license without translating.

– You must have translating license if you intend to rent a car.



To sum up, obtaining a driving license is crucial for anyone who is staying in the UAE, and having a UAE driving license is a straightforward process. Professional translation services, such as those provided by Al Resala Translation Company, can help in translating your original license, which is a legal requirement for driving in the UAE. For residents from certain countries, it is possible to transfer their existing driving license into a UAE license without taking a driving test. The advantages of having a UAE driving license are numerous, including convenience, international recognition, and increased job opportunities. Additionally, obtaining a translated license is crucial as driving without one can lead to legal consequences, cancellation of insurance, communication difficulties, and obstacles in renting a car. By utilizing the expertise of experienced translators and ensuring the accuracy of the translation, individuals can navigate the process effectively and ensure compliance with driving regulations.