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The demand for legal translation services has raised too much nowadays; because of globalization. Legal Translation Services have become very crucial for both individuals and businesses. Many individuals currently are looking to travel for many reasons. Business owners also are looking to expand their businesses abroad. Legal Translation Services’ role has become when they need to translate their required documents into the target languages.

Legal translation is a field of translation that translates any legal document such as contracts, agreements, certificates, and all other kinds of legal documents. Certified Legal Translation must be accurate and precise; to avoid any misunderstanding or any legal disputes, and to be accepted by legal authorities.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Al Resala Legal Translation offers a wide range of legal translation services, as follows:
-Translation of legal contracts between businesses or businesses and individuals.
– Agreements
– Certificates like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and academic certificates.
– Court proceedings and legal judgments.
– Power of attorney
– Memorandum of understanding
– Immigration and visa documents
– Legal notices.
All these kinds of legal translation services require great attention in translation because of their specialized legal terminology and the importance of their use by authorities. At Al Resala Legal Translation, we ensure accuracy and reliability, especially in legal translation.

Benefits of Certified Legal Translation

Accurate and reliable translation is of utmost importance, especially for legal translation. This accuracy facilitates the communication between individuals and the court. It facilitates the expansion of any business abroad by translating the required legal documents. It participates in translating contracts and facilitates the understanding of the conditions and articles for both parties in the contract.

Expertise team, you can rely on

Our success and high-standard translation is a result of collaborative team

Customer service flexibility

Our customer service team has the flexibility to listen to all the customer’s notifications for translation while receiving the documents. They have the flexibility to check the deadline the customer needs even if there’s a rush. They receive any customer’s feedback and do it.

Certified Translators

Our commitment to accurate and precision translation is a result of the great effort of our certified legal translators. Our legal translators are experts in linguists. They are experienced in the culture of the target language, plus they have legal knowledge of both countries. Our professional certified translators can bridge the language and culture gaps. The proficiency of our certified legal translators ensures the accuracy of the minute details and the high-quality standard of the translation.

Quality assurance process

Our quality assurance team has a great role in ensuring the clarity and accuracy of the translation. The translation has many steps before being delivered to the client. After the translation step, it must be checked by a senior legal reviewer as a second eye for the translation if there’s a paragraph missing or misunderstanding in one of the terminologies. Then a proofreader has to review it, to check if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, if there’s any typo error, or any wrong date or number. Then the formatting team checks the translation to edit it if the formatting is complex to make it like the source document. Finally, the customer checks the translation himself to add, amend, or remove anything before finalizing and delivery.

Affordable Pricing

One of the most important factors that you are thinking about is the cost of the legal translation. Before choosing your language service provider, you consider the price your priority factor. The price relies on some factors as follows:

– The word count is one of the affected factors; the more the word count, the more it will cost.
– The language pair, if the language pair is rare and its translators are few, it will cost more
– The content complexity, If the text is complex and it needs much time and effort to search, it will cost more.
– Extra proofreading and review cost more in translation.
Some companies offer low prices, but you must pay attention to the translation quality. Low prices may affect the quality. With us at Resala Translation Company, we provide top-notch legal translation at competitive rates. Contact us now to get your translation quote.

Why Choose Us:

Al-Resala Legal Translation Company provides top-notch certified legal translation that meets the client’s requirements. Here are some reasons why you chose us as your translation service provider.

We have experienced legal translators who specialize in all kinds of legal translation. They have the legal background for both source and target languages. They are skilled linguists and have great knowledge of the culture of the target language. They keep on learning all the language and legal updates. We at Al Resala Translation Company ensure professional legal translation and that translation with error-free.

Accuracy and Reliability
Accuracy and precise is the basic of legal translation; because of the legal terminology. The legal terminologies must be translated correctly and to the point to avoid any misunderstanding or legal disputes. We offer you accurate and reliable certified legal translation with our human expertise plus the latest technology tools used in translation.

Fast Turnaround
We estimate the customer’s time. That’s why we provide fast turnaround times with high-quality translation. We are committed to the agreed deadlines with the clients; as we work around the clock to deliver the translation on time.


Certified Legal translation is very sensitive and includes confidential information for the client. We at Al Resala Legal Translation understand this confidentiality and provide a high level of security and confidentiality. Our clients feel safe with us.

Al-ResalaTranslation Company ready to find a solution for you

Al-Resala Legal Translation Company provides a wide range of legal translation documents. These translation services help customers with many legal issues; the certified translation is accepted by authorities and government entities. It provides legal translation in multilingual. You can find here at Al-Resala Translation Company the solution for any issue for example any legal document and any language pairs. If you want to get a professional certified translation done by our legal translation experts call us now and get your translation quote.