Expert Document Translation Services in the UAE

Translation demand has increased. It becomes paramount for all people. Translation is now the solution for many issues, locally or internationally. Locally, translation is included in many subjects, in studying, in international companies to facilitate communication between employees, and in many other fields of life. Internationally, when people want to travel abroad for any reason, immigration, studying, working or any other reason. In any case, you need document translation services in UAE. UAE has many professional Translation providers who help in providing document translation services.

What’s Document Translation Services UAE?

Document Translation is the translation of the whole document from one language to the target language accurately and precisely. It needs deep knowledge and understanding of the target cultural nuances, high linguist skills, and legal knowledge. Legal document translation needs expert certified translators to provide professional document translation.

Benefits of Document Translation Services in UAE

In today’s globalization, we must take into account the significance of document translation.
With companies expanding across borders, it is crucial to communicate efficiently with clients and collaborative partners who are from different countries. That’s how document translation allows businesses to reach abroad to support communication between different cultures and international relations.
Here are some benefits of document translation as follows:

Support international communication

One of the most crucial benefits of document translation is to facilitate international communication. For businesses or individuals to communicate with people from different regions, it is essential to understand their language and culture. Document translation is the way to overcome language barriers and makes sure that intended messages are delivered accurately and precisely. With document translation services, businesses expand and penetrate new markets.

Enhance cultural understanding

Document translation promotes cultural understanding. Language is an essential part of culture, bridging the gap between the two cultures. Expert document translators know the importance of cultural nuances in translation. They adapt the culture and language that fit the target audience.

Support Business Expansion

Document translation services help businesses to broaden into competitive markets. By translating legal documents, product content, and marketing materials, companies can reach their target audience and get high sales rates. Professional document translators know the significance of deadlines. They work hard to ensure the documents are delivered within the required timeline, enabling businesses to get their time commitment.

Document translation service types

The document translation demand has increased worldwide. Check out some of them here:

Document Legal Translation

Legal translation is in high demand for businesses and individuals when traveling to another country. It’s considered the highest price rate in translation as it needs the translator to know the legal systems in the source and target countries and languages.
Only one small mistake in the documents can lead to legal disputes and even change the result of the final document. That’s why legal translation must be accurate, and translators must have high experience.
If you’re thinking of having document legal translation services for a wide range of documents, including contracts and legal certifications, licenses, immigration documents, and certificates, feel free to contact us. We at Al Resala Translation Company provide professional document translation services with the highest quality and professionalism that satisfies you.

Document Financial Translation

Financial translation is speedily increasing, including organizations like banks, insurance, and multinational companies as they translate traditional documents like annual financial reports and statements. You will need expert document translators to provide error-free translation with top-notch quality.

Document Technical Translation

Technical translation services is the translation field that is on the rise. Translators in this field must be experts with a vast technical background and knowledge of the technical terms and expressions used.
Technical translation is a very hard and complicated translation field. To be an expert in this translation field, you will be able to get a higher rate and more translation jobs as the technical translators are few, but before that, you must make sure that you can handle long, complicated texts.

Document Medical Translation

Medical Translation is a field of translation that needs the most accuracy throughout the whole document. This kind of translation takes one’s life to death with just a tiny mistake.
Medical translation services include various texts and documents like clinical reports, consent forms, medical research, medical history questionnaires, labeling, patient information forms, clinical trial documents, and laboratory analysis.
It’ll be better to cooperate with a trusted translation service provider that ensures that the medical translation standards meet your requirements and will guarantee your satisfaction.
Any translation services you want, you can rely on us. With many years of experience in translation, we’ve faced all translation fields and achieved great success. And, with a professional team, we’re growing faster and expanding our services. Al Resala Translation Company is your trusted partner in what you want to translate. We are waiting for you.

Document Translation Cost

The known way to calculate the translation service cost is per word, hour, or page. You can pay per page when your document has a specific number of words and a similar number of words on each page.
This way of calculating the cost, you can find it mostly in legal document translation like certificates, passports, etc. But the most common way is calculating per word; the word costs between 0.10 AED – and 0.75 AED regarding the translation field, complexity, and language pairs. Al Resala Translation Company provides you with the translation cost in advance before starting the translation.


To conclude, a document translation service is translating from a language to the target one.
The demand for document translation services is rising, and the role of document translation services, whether for individuals or businesses, has become paramount. Of course, accuracy and precise translation are crucial for the document translation. Document translation services in the UAE offer numerous benefits, including facilitating international communication, promoting cultural understanding, and supporting business expansion into target markets. These services include several fields: legal, financial, technical, and medical translation. We provide competitive costs to ensure you know the included expenses before starting your translation.