legal translation dubai

legal translation dubai refers to translating the terminology and texts in regard to law; hence,

it is one of the most complicated translation processes. The extreme difficulty of Legal translation lies in the ambiguity and broadness of its issues. It is highly probable that the legal issues are translated incorrectly because many translators are not experienced and skilled enough to cover the intended meaning of the original text.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

This kind of translation is used internationally as the legal issues exist in all industries all over the world. The errors, that may be committed in this area, may cause fatal mistakes, such as a wrong contractual obligation that could cost much money and lead to huge losses. Therefore, it is necessary for legal translators to read a lot about the aspects relevant to this field and keep their fingers on the pulse of any updates in order to avoid mistranslations and become capable of translating any legal document or contract.

Legal Translation in dubai Requirements ( Legal Translation )

  • What is needed for such a type of translation and any other translation is to create sentences based on correct grammatical structures that sound meaningful to whoever reads them.
  • Legal translation requires a wealth of both general and legal terms.
  • The translators should be aware of the translation tools, such as legal dictionaries, online libraries, journals and all materials that make them deliver the best quality of translation to the customer.

Legal Translation Types ( Legal Translation )

  • Translation of laws and regulations by which businesses should abide.
  • Translation of contracts and its drafts.
  • Translation of documents, including proceedings, complaints, and applications.
  • Translation of an attorney’s documents.
  • Translation of court judgments and case laws.
  • Translation of legal experts’ opinions and reports.


Legal Translation of Legal Documents and Its Risks


Multiple and Obscure Meanings of Legal Terms

As a legal translation provider in the UAE, you are most likely to receive orders from law firms or individuals for translation of legal documents that are either to be submitted to or issued by court. Translating legal documents is a challenging career and, I’d say, not an easy one.  Having worked in the area of translating legal documents, you have got the edge over others who have not. You, through your work, get to gain a lot of legalese where sentences tend to be very long and could sometimes span over a whole paragraph and words have multiple and obscure meanings. Let’s take a word such as “serve” as an example- it has two different meanings in the following two sentences: “This contract does not serve the purposes of our business so well”, and “The plaintiff shall serve a copy of the statement of claim on the defendant”. The word “serve” in the first sentence means suits or helps while in the second one, it means deliver something to someone and so many more words in the legal field fall under this category- file, party, prayers, etc. As we provide legal translation service in Dubai, legal translation service in Abu Dhabi, legal translation service in Sharjah and legal translation service in Ajman, we work closely with law firms, police stations, prosecution offices and courts

Translator’s Due Diligence

Translating for law firms who will always want to win their cases, requires a lot of attention to accuracy and detail as every word counts in formulating the right defence and eventually building a good case. Hence, every law firm will do their due diligence to hire a capable legal translation provider who has the legal background and experience to help them get the job done as perfectly as possible. Therefore, errors could put a whole case on the line and would not be tolerated, as they could be in other areas of translation, due to the gravity of the such consequences. Same rules can apply to translating for a police station or a court of law. Inaccurate translation would definitely jeopardise the rights of either party to the case and service would not be served. That is why translators working for police stations, prosecution office or courts of law have to meet certain requirements and standards that ensure their efficiency, confidentiality and reliability, and most importantly, you must be certified by the Justice Ministry of the United Arab Emirates. Being a provider of legal translation service in Dubai, legal translation service in Abu Dhabi, legal translation service in Sharjah and legal translation service in Ajman, we work with individual who come from all parts of the world.

Diversity of Audience’s Backgrounds

In the business of legal translation in the UAE in general, we deal with individuals from all over the world which involves dealing with different English grammars and, in interpretation, dialects and accents- we do the job lock, stock and barrel and it is hard to pick the English you have been trained to use and this pushes translation agencies to seek translators and interpreters from such various backgrounds and dialects to deal with English speakers from different countries. This somehow poses a similar challenge to that raised by the language used by lawyers and courts, the legalese. For example, the British use “solicitor” for “attorney”, “flat” for apartment, tap for faucet, colour for color, etc. this makes the translator’s job more than just translating as a translator, in such a case, would have to learn the terminology of the language to which he is translating that is familiar to his audience- in the middle east some countries prefer the British English and some would the American English.

A Large Pool of Competitors

Another challenge that faces us as legal translation service providers in the UAE is the constantly growing number of translators. As the number of translators grows, the pressure placed on each of them intensifies, since they fall in a huge pool of competitors in the same market. Therefore, it takes a new translator a long time to find his niche among the already established ones and to be able to establish his name in the market, he will have to stand out and that draws heavily on his fluency and knowledge, which reminds us of the importance of the fluency, experience and knowledge every translator working in the legal field must have. due to the nature of the job, a translator must always do his due diligence to meet the qualities and capabilities required by the legal language users- law firms, courts of law.

Al-Reslala Can Get It Done for You

Al-Resala Legal Translation Services Agency will always be there for him whoever seeks a well-versed and experienced legal translator in the legal field with ability to make the case stand out and appeal to whoever the audience may be. We believe we have what it takes to get the job done and are offering our legal translation services to you wherever you are- JLT, DSO, JAFZA, Dubai Courts, Dubai Notary Public, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman and any other emirate of the UAE. We are just one WhatsApp text away from you.