The UAE provides worldwide businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs as it represents the gate to the Middle East markets. For people aiming to start a new business, set up a company, or get a visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any place in the UAE, the government needs document attestation. Attestation is essential in the translation of legal and official documents. It makes sure that translated documents are legitimate and accurate. Both local and international attestation are very important because they validate the translation in the country and in international settings. Professional translation service providers assist in simplifying the complex attestation process, ensuring accurate translations that are recognized and accepted globally.


The process of the attestation

The process of document attestation relies on the place of issuance and the kind of document. Kinds of documents requiring attestation include:


Educational Document Attestation

Educational documents like all educational certificates like degrees, diploma certificates, and transcripts of record. To attest educational documents, specific requirements, and procedures must be followed, including notarization, verification from educational institutions, and authentication from relevant government authorities.


Personal Document Attestation

These documents like personal certificates such as birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates, and court documents. These documents require attestation for various purposes, including immigration, legal proceedings, or even for bank account opening. Attesting these documents ensures their credibility and validity. In the case of personal document attestation, specific requirements, and procedures must be followed, including notarization, verification from government authorities, and authentication from designated offices or embassies.


Commercial Document Attestation

Commercial documents like invoices, business registration, power of attorney, memorandum of association, or board resolutions. Attesting these documents ensures the validity of transactions, legal compliance, and protection against fraud. To get attestation, some requirements and steps are required to be done, such as notarization, authentication from government entities, and endorsement from relevant chambers of commerce or trade authorities.


Local Attestation Service

Local attestation is a process in which documents are verified and certified in a specific country. This process always needs submission of the original document, with a translated document if necessary, to the designated authority or the organization responsible for attestation. The requirements for local attestation include notarization, verification from concerned departments, and obtaining official seals and stamps.

Local attestation is very important for documents that will be used within a specific country. It provides trust and credibility to the documents, to be acceptable for many purposes such as legal proceedings, employment, education, or government transactions.


International Attestation Service

International attestation is a process of certifying documents to be used abroad. It also requires submitting the original documents with their translated documents, if there’s a need for it. The requirements for international attestation include notarization, authentication from government bodies, and getting apostille or embassy legalization. International attestation ensures that the translated document is recognized and accepted in foreign countries, providing credibility and authenticity.

Hiring a professional translation service provider for attestation services provides several advantages. These providers are experts in the attestation process and requirements of different countries. Professional translation companies also understand the importance of accuracy and compliance in international documents and have expertise in providing precise and culturally appropriate translations.


Process needed in Document Attestation in UAE

The document attestation process in UAE has applications, getting a document attested by the responsible entity, payment of fees, registration, and receiving the attested document. Here is the process needed for document attestation in UAE.


Getting the required authority within your country to get your document certified

The first step is that the suitable authority in your country, for example, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the embassy, must attest your document. This step ensures the authenticity and validity of your document.


The UAE Embassy must certify your document in your home

The UAE Embassy in your country must certify your document after being certified by the authority. To be used in the UAE, this procedure is needed to certify the authenticity of the document.


Getting the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs document attestation

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the UAE must certify your document after being certified by the UAE Embassy in your country. The document is ready now to be used in the UAE.


Your Document must be certified by the UAE Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce must certify your document if your document is a commercial one, for example, a commercial invoice. The authenticity of the commercial document is confirmed at this stage for its utilization in the UAE.


Your Document must be certified by the required government entity in the UAE

The relevant government department must certify your document if it will be used in that entity, such as the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Health. This step verifies the document’s credibility for application within that department.

Attestation requirements differ based on the document’s nature and why it will be used. To make sure that your documents are attested in a proper way, it’s advisable to validate the particular standards through an accredited attestation service.



To sum up, document attestation service is an essential procedure for both individuals and businesses who will operate in the UAE or abroad. It guarantees the accuracy and legitimacy of documents translated. The process of document attestation differs depending on the document type and the purpose of it. Local attestation certifies documents to be used within a specific country, while international attestation validates them to be used abroad. Hiring an expert translation company for attestation services provides several advantages, including expertise in the attestation process and accurate translations that comply with international standards. To ensure proper attestation, it is advisable to validate the specific requirements through an accredited attestation service.