translation of Medical documents Best medical translation in Dubai @ Abu Dhabi

medical translation in dubai
medical translation in dubai

medical translation in dubai @ Abu Dhabi requires medical background and expertise to guarantee its accuracy as it contains innumerable medical terms known only to doctors or specialists. Hence, our medical translation is carried out by a team of doctors and medical staff with great knowledge in both the healthcare and target language areas who professionally interpret the meaning of the medical document content into the desired language with the required accuracy and quality.

medical translation dubai @ Abu Dhabi

The medical field is quite intriguing as the jargon used by doctors and medical workers can be so difficult that English-speaking people themselves can find it difficult to understand. The following table shows some examples of medical jargon translated into understandable English terms.


Original Term Translated Term
Peripheral oedema Ankle swelling
Echocardiogram Heart ultrasound scan
Tachycardia Fast heart rate
Hypertension High blood pressure
Diabetes Low / high blood sugar
Idiopathic Unknown cause


From the table above, it is obvious that medical terms can be really difficult to understand without having medical knowledge or experience.


Al-Resala Legal Translation has been providing medical translation services Dubai since its early beginnings and out of deep understanding of the subtlety of this type of translation, it hires doctors to undertake the translation and proofreading of medical documents no matter what type such documents are.

medical translation dubai @ Abu Dhabi

We are ready and capable of translating your medical documents- medical reports, birth certificate, lab reports and tests, death certificates, coroner’s report, autopsy reports, etc. should you have a need for a translated medical document to apply for leave, visa, naturalization or any other purpose, we are who you need to get this done.


We can serve you wherever you are located in the UAE, as we provide medical translation services in Dubai, our Abu Dhabi Office can provide you the translation of your medical documents in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Moreover, our Dubai Office covers Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and all emirates of the UAE, apart from JLT, Jebel Ali, Business Bay within Dubai. With us, you will have your documents translated both medically and legally, ie, they will be recognized by the government agency you are presenting them to.