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Translation is involved in all fields of life; as a result, translation is used in different industries. Al Resala Translation Company is a prominent translation company. Al Resala is paramount for the translation world; it provides many translation services in legal, medical, technical, and other fields of translation. Al Resala Legal Translation knows the importance of accuracy and cultural differences, so it has a skilled team of translators experts in delivering clear messages in the target language. Al Resala Legal Translation seeks customers’ satisfaction, providing a top-notch translation that meets the customers’ requirements. Al Resala Translation Company is your perfect choice if you need any translation service in any language.

Industries we serve

We at Al Resala Legal Translation provide a wide range of services with high-quality standards.


Al Resal Translation company provides translation from one language to another language. Accuracy and precision are the most critical factors in translation to convey a clear message. We have linguist experts to bridge the language gap. Nowadays, translation demand arises with globalization and translation has become an essential component in daily life for individuals or businesses.


Localization is another kind of translation through adapting to another culture. We need localization in translating documents like game apps, video games, brochures, and manuals. At Al Resala Translation Company, we have localization experts to
Translate the intended message precisely without missing the meaning. You can reach your target audience worldwide and expand your business by localization.


Transcreation is a combination of two words: translation and creation. Transcreation includes cultural references, expressions, and idioms that change from one country to another. The transcreation process consists of three steps: literal translation, transcreation (creating the content in a new manner while keeping the original message and tone and tending to make it coherent), and the final text. Transcreation is used mainly for advertising and marketing in another country.


Interpretation is the translation from one language to another through talking. An interpreter is someone who facilitates communication between two persons from different countries while they are talking. People need interpretation in international meetings, conferences, and other events.


Transcription is the translation from the source language to the target language through listening to audio in a language and translating it by writing to another language. Transcription is used mainly for surveys that help in marketing campaigns. Specialized companies in these surveys get clients’ opinions about different products or services and need them in another language that serves the marketing campaign. Al Resala Translation Company provides this service at a high standard that meets the clients’ opinions.

Al Resala Translation Company provides many other translation services that help individuals daily through smooth communication or business expansion. It provides these services at affordable prices. Call us now to get your free translation quote.

Fields we provide

Al Resala Translation Company offers many fields of translation, as follows:

Legal Translation

Legal Translation service is the translation of any legal purpose. The types of legal documents include contracts, agreements, certificates, financial statements, patents, wills, power of attorney, etc. Al Resala Translation Company has professional translators who can convey the meaning smoothly, maintaining the original meaning, as it has many legal terminologies and complex texts.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation service is one of the most challenging fields of translation. It has many medical terminologies and expressions that expert medical translators must translate. Al Resala Translation Company deals with expert medical translators with medical background. Medical translators can bridge the cultural and language gaps between the source and target languages. This service is highly demanded for clinical purposes and many other purposes.

Standard Translation

Standard Translation is a translation but not in a specialized field like medical, legal, or technical. It’s a translation for everyday documents like emails, personal letters, CVs, or personal profiles. Although it’s a standard translation and doesn’t have complexity, it needs high quality to deliver the message clearly. Al Resala Translation Company finds the solution for your daily translation demands with its professional standard translation services.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is a complex text requiring much effort in translation. It has complicated technical expressions, and terminologies need translators with technical background and high experience. Technical translation documents include technical manuals, user guides, safety reports, installation instructions, tender documents, and others. Now, you can get your professional technical translation service with Al Resala Translation Company.

Of course, there are many other fields of translation. All translation fields need effort and time to provide the same message in the source language. Our expert translators at Al Resala Translation Company help deliver a high-standard translation that satisfies the clients.

Languages we serve

You can find the translation of any language you want; we provide multilanguage translation services. Languages provided: Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Mandarin, Turkish, Filipino, German, and many others. We deal with native translators to ensure the quality of the translated document. Contact us now to find the language you want to translate.

Why choose Al Resala Translation Company?

Quick Turnaround

Such a high demand for translation services requires a quick turnaround. Al Resala Translation Company insists on providing professional translation with a fast turnaround, as it understands the importance of time in business. It offers translation services with high quality and is committed to deadlines.

Expert translators

Our translators are linguist experts who bridge the language and cultural gaps. Each team of translators specialized in a specific industry and studied its terminologies by heart. All our translators are certified and have years of experience. They help our company to be one the top translation companies.

Affordable Prices

Does low price affect the quality? Clients constantly repeat this question. The answer is that many factors affect the price. These factors are the word count of the document, the language pair, the translation field, and the urgency. The translation needs effort and time to be professional; of course, the client pays for this professionalism. At Al Resala Translation Company, we offer affordable prices that fit the client and the translator.


As mentioned above, translation is essential for individuals and businesses. People need translation for different issues and in various fields of life, so they search for a top translation agency to solve their issues. At Al Resala Translation Company, we provide all translation services in multiple languages. We also offer different legal, technical, medical, marketing, and standard translation fields. Our flexible team, including admins, translators, reviewers, and proofreaders, is the reason behind our success in the translation world.