The Art of Interpreting Services

Major Types of Interpreting Services

There are many types of interpreting services, as follows:

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting service is one of the interpretation services in which the speaker talks for one or two, a maximum of five minutes, then takes a pause to give time for the interpreter. In this pause, the interpreter translates what’s said. He always relies on his memory and his notes about the major messages he wants to convey. That’s why it’s used in conferences and business meetings.

Interpreters for consecutive interpreting must memorize minute details and take notes very quickly to keep the organized information over the long speech. Interpreting requires accuracy, especially when he must deliver the central message of a long speech; that is why it’s critical to contact a certified, experienced interpreting service.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting service takes place while the speaker is talking without taking a break through the conversation. In this type, the interpreter may translate at the same time after 30 seconds or less just to listen and translate simultaneously.

The interpreter is constantly under pressure through this kind of interpretation as he must translate from the source language into the target language and deliver the message to the audience while listening and paying attention to the real-time talking of the speaker.

The primary function of simultaneous interpretation is to provide the same speech conversion and not to paraphrase it.

This type of interpreting is well-known at big meetings or TV news; if there’s a speech from a president as there’s a huge audience will be engaged.

Whisper Interpreting

This type of interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting, with a difference: the interpreter is sitting with a small group of people who need interpreting service and whispering in their language instead of interpreting in microphones to facilitate communication with the target audience.
Whispered interpretation is used in small groups between two or three members. For example, this type of interpretation is in small meetings, court proceedings, small seminars, hospitals, cinemas, or theatres.

Over-the-phone interpreting

Interpretation over the phone: Businesses occasionally need interpreting to facilitate communication through business deals or even when companies are helping clients with interpretation. For example, suppose you’re an English employee without any other language background and has an Italian client, of course. In that case, you will not miss the deal because of the language barrier, but all you have to do is call your service provider, choose an interpreting service, and choose the required language.

Over-the-phone interpreting is mainly needed for the medical and legal fields, especially when these entities contact foreign clients. This service can be provided worldwide; you can demand over-the-phone interpretation service wherever you are.

The Significance of Interpretation Services

There’s a great demand for interpreting services for many purposes, for example, meetings, conferences, seminars, video conferences, court proceedings, etc. These interpretation services have many advantages. First of all, it facilitates international business transactions. Now, people all over the world can deal together and do business without any language barriers. It enhances cross-cultural communication. It’s widely required in the healthcare sector. Patients from different countries choose doctors and healthcare centers in other countries. In this case, they need something to facilitate their communication, especially if they don’t have any background in a different language.

It supports legal proceedings and court interpreting. Sometimes, they need this service to make the court proceedings easy between the natives and people with other languages. It also supports international conferences and events that have a broad audience.

Professional Interpreter

A professional interpreter must have some skills to be an expert and be ready to handle any interpretation service.
Language Proficiency and Subject Matter Expertise

Interpreting services need language proficiency and cultural understanding. A professional interpreter must be fluent in both languages, the source and target, with a deep knowledge of their cultures.

Additionally, interpreters must be experienced in the subject matter to ensure clear and accurate communication. For example, interpreters in the medical field must have a deep understanding of medical terminologies to offer professional interpretation services.

Adapting to Different Interpreting Techniques

There are various interpreting techniques. A skilled interpreter must be experienced in more than one of the techniques, like simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and whispered interpreting. An influential interpreter must also adapt to the client’s communication preferences, in-person, phone, or remotely.

Memory and concentration

An expert interpreter must memorize all the terminologies mentioned in the source language to deliver them clearly in the target language. They must also be wholly focused on what they do and focus entirely on listening, understanding, analyzing, and speaking simultaneously.


The interpreter must be a tool for communication and keep total confidentiality for the subject matter discussed. Attending non-disclosure agreements with interpreters is common practice, especially when the subject matter requires it.

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