What is a sworn translator in Duai?

sworn translation dubai


sworn translation dubai & abu dhabi We frequently find that the documents we provide must be translated by a sworn translator when we are applying for a scholarship or submitting them for a certain certification. Therefore, it is crucial for us to have a basic understanding of sworn translation work in order to select services that are legitimate and trustworthy.

sworn translation dubai

sworn translation dubai

What is a sworn translator in Duai?

A translator who has undergone and passed the Translator Qualification Test is considered to be sworn in Dubai. Those who pass the test subsequently swear an oath in front of the minister who oversees matters pertaining to the government’s legal and human rights programs. By reporting to the minister of law and human rights, those who have taken the oath can continue to keep their license as sworn translators. The sworn translators must first apply for a certificate from the Dubai Translator Association before they can begin working after taking the oath and reporting themselves to the ministry of law and human rights.

What kind of documents sworn translators in Dubai must translate?

The translation of official papers is the responsibility of a sworn translator. Documents that are directly related to legal matters, such as laws, policies, and court documents, are not the only ones that fall under this category. Additionally, there are legal documents like sale and purchase certificates, land titles, collaboration agreements, etc. that are produced in accordance with the law.

These documents cover a variety of topics, including humanity, medicine, the environment, etc. in addition to legal terminology. As a result, a sworn translator needs to be fluent in both legal and non-legal terminology.

Why are such documents need to be translated by sworn translators? Why don’t we translate those documents using a standard translator?

Legal documents have authority over people who are mentioned in them. Only a sworn translator has the right to testify as an expert witness in the future if there is a dispute over various interpretations of a legal document in a foreign language. An ordinary translator is ineligible to testify as an expert witness. The translated document cannot be held accountable to that translator.

Who may be a sworn translator in Dubai?

All Dubai residents who meet the qualifications and can complete all criteria can work as sworn translators in Dubai. A candidate for sworn translator must demonstrate not only that they are a resident of Dubai but also that they have never been convicted of a crime. Additionally, the candidate must provide a number of documents, including an ID card, a family registration card, a copy of their diploma, etc.

As previously noted, the most crucial qualifications are those that pertain to translation abilities, which call for fluency in two languages. Although a candidate for sworn translator must be fluent in at least two languages, he or she is not required to hold a degree in linguistics, translation studies, or a field closely related to languages and translation. They may come from any educational background.

It should be remembered that translation involves more than just linguistic proficiency. Understanding the subject matter that needs to be translated is also necessary for the translation process. It also requires knowledge and expertise on the terminology and appropriate translation processes. There are specialized terminology for each subject that cannot be translated literally. Due to the wide range of themes, many legal translation services want to focus on a smaller range of subjects. They can effectively stay informed about issues relating to topics and the phrases used in them in this way.

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