Your Perfect Solution for Expert Localization Services

Your Perfect Solution for Expert Localization Services

In our new world, globalization has increased rapidly, giving the chance for businesses to expand in other markets around the world. For this expansion and to succeed in these markets, they have to adapt the products and services to fit these markets. Here comes the role of localization.

Localization services is a translation service used in adapting services and products of businesses in another country to suit the needs of the target audience of this country. Localization service is essential because it ensures that the required message is accurately conveyed to the target audience. Al Resala Company provides professional localization services in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of localization services

Benefits of localization services

Localization service has great benefits for companies to reach their businesses in target markets and to engage with target audiences.

Access to new markets

Localization services is a tool that permits businesses to get into new markets by localizing their services or products. Localization services allow you to target audiences in different regions and reach a wide customer base and help you in your business expansion.

Localization removes cultural and language barriers and makes people react positively to the product/ service.

Customer experience improvements

With the help of localization service, you can offer your services and products in the customer’s language and in their culture to meet their specific needs. This creates deep interaction with the customers, they feel themselves in this product also, and it enhances their satisfaction with the product or the service. When the customers react with the brand in their language they will get a positive experience.

Build reputation and credibility

Using localization in expanding your business; using the same language and culture of the target audience, makes them trust the product or the service. When the customers trust your brand, it builds a reputation and enhances credibility.

Industries that need localization services

Industries that need localization services

Localization is a branch of translation services that are used to adapt to another culture through translation. This type is used in many industries as follows:

Technology and software companies

Technology and software products become very crucial for customers nowadays all around the world which makes its demand always in rise. Localization comes as a solution for that to reach a wide base of customers around the world with their different languages.

Localization is used for technology and software industries as they need to adapt different terminologies from one country to another.

E-commerce and online business

Localization is very important for both industries: e-commerce and online business. For e-commerce, it’s used in translating product listings, clothes, menus, etc… Online business also depends mainly on localization, especially in localizing websites regarding each country.

By using localization they can reach more customers easily around the world.

Gaming and entertainment industry

Localization plays a vital role in the gaming industry by localizing gaming content, mobile applications, and computer games to fit each language and culture in different regions. People are attracted more to video games and mobile applications in their languages and that fit their cultures.

Advertising and marketing agencies

Advertising depends mainly on localization, marketing agencies can’t work without localization. They localize advertising content, slogans, products, and the way of ads as it differs from one country to another. By using localization they succeed in delivering the message for the target audience around the world.

As shown, localization is used in many industries and all of these industries need accuracy and precision in localization to convey the message as it’s for people in different countries. Al Resala company provides professional localization services in Abu Dhabi depending on its experience in this field.

Challenges in localization services

Challenges in localization services

As any field of translation has challenges, localization faces many challenges, let’s see some of these challenges as follows:

Language differences

Language differences are considered one of the greatest challenges that face localizers; as each country has its own language. Each country has its own grammar, vocabulary, expressions, and syntax. Each localizer has to study by heart all these target languages to convey a clear message to the target audience.

Cultural differences

Each country has its own culture which is unique and different from any other culture. Localization is not just a translation it’s an adaptation of another culture too to suit the people of this country. Localization makes the product or the service fits the target audience in the target country and attracts them. This is so difficult for the localizers but expert localizers succeed in conveying a clear message.

Time constraints

Localization takes much more time and effort than normal translation as it involves translation, content adaptation, and quality assurance. It takes a long time to search different sources and finds the best thing that fits the target audience. They always exert much effort to finish their projects on time and meet deadlines.

Localization process

Localization services process

As with any translation service, localization has its own process as follows:

Content translation

Al Resala translation company knows that very well precise and accurate translation is the core heart of localization. They don’t translate word by word, but they make much effort to keep the same tone and context to convey the same message.

Cultural adaptation

Localization is not only linguistic translation but it’s also cultural adaptation to fits the target audience. Al Resala translation company adapts the values, rules, and customs to go with the target audience. Their expert localizers can effectively access the target market by adapting to the target cultures and causing positive interaction with them.

Quality Assurance

This is the last stage of localization, after finishing the translation must be checked by expert localization proofreaders and reviewers to check the language and cultural adaptation. Quality assurance is very important to ensure that the message is conveyed smoothly to the target audience.

Al Resala Translation Company

Al Resala translation company is one of the professional localization service providers in Abu Dhabi. It provides high-quality localization services through expert localizers. Al Resala has a professional team of localizers that give top-notch localization. It provides all translation services like translation, localization, transcreation, copywriting, etc… They meet the deadlines and client’s requirements.


Finally, we can say that Localization service is very important nowadays; as we need it in many fields in our lives. Localization plays a very crucial role as it helps in adapting the culture of the target language. It has many benefits as well as many challenges as mentioned before. That’s why people choose Al Resala Company for localization in Abu Dhabi the perfect choice for you in any translation service, especially localization. Its team is very professional and exerts great effort to meet clients’ requirements.

Are you looking for localization services that are accurate, reliable, and affordable? Look no further than our team of experienced translators. We have been providing translation services for over 10 years, and we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality translations on time and within budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our localization services. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a quote for your project.

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